Skills involved in this project:

Basic Programming and Scripting: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Structured Query Language (SQL), graphic design, 


In my webGIS project, I designed this web page application with geospatial web services to investigate patterns of water consumption in  Arizona. 


The general structure was created by HTML and CSS, the application function was created with JavaScript, SQL and the use of ArcGIS REST API.


The map service in this application includes base map function and information display map, the default base map in this application is the ESRI word street map, by clicking the top right small window users can change the base map such as imagery and topo map. Another map in this application displays the total fresh ground water Mgal/d for each county in Arizona with gradual color change, this map service I use the map I created in my own SDE server that assigned by the instructor from the University of Utah.


I add another service that user can query and display data in the water consumption map by hover over the mouse point, the details will be linked to a separate page with the further query.


The original data source I use is from Census Bureau. I did this project in 2016 and due to the change and update of the code every year (such as capitalized letter, the location of comma sign) I can't show this service page live.





This figure is part of my final scripts, in this part, I use SQL language to select the output field I want to include in this application.


Nowadays for general IT industrial it's always better to know and be able to use more coding languages that will improve competitiveness for the job seeker.

In this course I acknowledged the basic skills of java scripts and how HTML and CSS can work together to build the structure of an online map application and how they can improve the user interface by further skills.


After finishing this course, I am able to:

1. Know how to distinguish different format of GIS applications and how different functions in those applications work.
2. Know the growing trend of GIS application use and its importance.
3. Understand and solve the problem while writing the code for the application.
4. Complete a basic online GIS application with different services using the language and theories learned from the lectures and lab assignments.

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