Spatial Data Design


Skills involved in this project:

Spatial data and algorithms, GIS Workflow, Structure Query Language(SQL), Data Models and structure


In this project, I created my own database for the management of my own city that has basic infrastructure and public utility system. SQL language is used in this project frequently such as:




Different public utility system has different employees, by gathering the general information for a certain employee I use SQL language to query by their unique employee id named as "EMP_ID" in my database table.

In this project, I use relational database design and normalized my relational data for my database, I created one to one (mayor to city), one to many (city to public utility), many to many (, many to one (employee to one organization) relationship. The first graph below shows the overall relationship map.


The second graph shows the general shape of the city I created that contains the different type of shapefile such as polygon (city parcels), polyline (highway and roads), point (hospital and library) and multipoint (street lights).



The spatial database design tool I use is ArcCatalog, on the second graph, the left table of contents section shows the spatial data structure I created and uploaded to the SDE server that assigned by the University of Utah CSBS lab.


This is an individual project and I am also responsible for controlling the GIS workflow that make each different GIS task achieved its final goals and complete them within the timeline of this course.


There are also lab sections include in this course each week. The lab section of this course will let me use the theories and techniques I learned during lectures to complete the lab assignments.


After finish this course I am able to:

• Understand and know how to create and design a database through ArcCatalog.

• Improve a better relationship function of a geodatabase 

• Know how to edit the geodatabase both as a user and publisher.

• Apply the database design knowledge and skills into other tools and application.

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