Project Management


Skills involved in this project: project management, project design, communication.


I created a University of Utah vegetation rebuild project based on my internship experiences at University of Utah Business service department.


In this project, I work individually to provide a complete project management plan with time frame management,  quality assessment, cost management and risk management that my client can review for further consideration.


In the process of developing this project plan, I defined and confirmed the project goals and objectives clearly and comprehensively, and I also created and identified different project tasks and how those tasks and goals will be achieved within the time frame I created. What's more, I provide and prepare quality assessment and budget reports to make this project more professional.



figure1: Project Objective Report

figure2: Timeline and time frame management

figure3: Cost management and budget control

figure4: Quality control

figure5: Risk management

During this project I am able to:


1. Know the importance of the science and technology especially GIS project management skills.

2. Have better knowledge of the definition of a project, list GIS project examples, know the different concept of a project plan and understand the limitation of project management.

3. Know and understand the composition of a project management plan and have better knowledge of how to use certain technique to improve the project such as gantt chart and flow chart.

4. Use project management skills I learned during the lecture to build and improve my MSGIS program portfolio.

5. Know how to do the job as a project manager and how to improve career potentials in GIS industry by using the basic skills of project management.

6. Know the history of project management and project management organizations and how the modern IT project management skills will benefit myself.


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