Geographic Data Analysis

According to the US. Census Bureau statistics, Salt Lake County in Utah has a larger Hispanic minority population and the numbers keep growing every year. The US. Census Bureau data shows that the percentage of Hispanic or Latino in April 1st, 2010 is 17.1% while the percentage increases to 18% at July 1st, 2015. Hispanic or Latino is the largest minority population among all other minority populations in Salt Lake County.​

The objective of this program is to find the degree to which the several major minority groups are dispersed, randomly or clustered. The spatial research analysis becomes more and more important for geographers to study. When researchers doing a study about economics, development of a region, spatial analysis becomes a popular element. Those spatial analysis questions are important because the decision makers need certain information to help them about the general picture of a community’s access to housing, public space, public works and other resources.

This is the Moran’s I test for Hispanic or Latino by census tracts of Salt Lake County, Utah.

The Moran’s I index is 0.642439580

This is the Moran’s I test for White by census tracts of Salt Lake County, Utah.


The Moran’s I index is 0.372178802

This is the Moran’s I test for Black or African American by census tracts of Salt Lake County, Utah.


The Moran’s I index is 0.417634894

This is the Moran’s I test for Asian by census tracts of Salt Lake County, Utah.


The Moran’s I index is 0.097998561

The Hispanic or Latino population group has the highest Moran’s I index. With the analysis combined with the expectation value and p-value, we can reject the null hypothesis that this population group is randomly distributed. And, in fact, this group is the most clustered group among all the test groups.


After we run the global Moran’s I test for four different population groups, Hispanic or Latino group, the white only group, the black or African American group among Salt Lake County at census tracts level, the results show that the Hispanic or Latino group is the most clustered population group in Salt Lake County followed rank 2, 3, 4 groups are the black or African American group, the white only group and the Asian group.

Main skills involved in this project:

Basic Programming or Scripting: R

Structured Query Language (SQL): Using R language to select different race group from attribute table to perform statistical analysis.



Whether geographers or people in GIS industrial know that the advances statistic skills for geographical data are becoming more and more important. This course is an advanced level statistic course for geographical data analysis.

There are lab sections weekly that I can apply the skills and theories learned from the lectures to lab exercise and lab assignments. 


After complete this course, I am able to:

1. Understand and know the definitions and concepts of advanced statistical data analysis method.

2. Have the knowledge of R language and how it works for geographical data.

3. Use R-studio and write R languages to conduct geographical data analysis and produce maps.

4. Know how to embedded statistical results or the datasets into a project report and provide a consice and comprehensive explanation.



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