Cartography and Internship Work Sample

All map samples are poster size for distribution, those are not the suitable size for the audience who's viewing this web page.

Professional cartography skills and graphic design skills are involved in the projects of those map posters, data source are public accessible for all maps including AGRC, US Census Bureau, and USGS.



Those sample maps are made during the internship with the local agency. During my MSGIS program learning period, I am an intern at the State of Utah Emergency Operation Center (EOC), Those maps are designed for different purpose and audiences, some of them are for public display to acknowledge the potential risk of their residential area. Some maps are only for professional references.



During the internship, I have also participated in the great shakeout exercise in 4/21/2016 and 4/20/2017, the sample work maps for the exercise are close to the maps show below but they are for internal use only so I didn't include them in this portfolio. I am also worked with the flood map for certain counties in Utah that the governors can use for flood insurance reference, communication skills also involved a lot in this process since I need to get professional data from local geographers and transfer them into ArcGIS shapefile.



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